A Primer on Selecting Kitchen Countertops

The countertop is an important aesthetic and functional part of the kitchen. While granite is a mainstay in many custom homes, there are other materials to consider, such as Quartz and even stainless steel. Here’s a primer on the various materials:

Granite –offers a warm, rich look and can blend with traditional to contemporary kitchen styles. It has natural imperfections that some people love and others dislike. Requires periodic sealing.

Quartz—A quartz and polymer resin countertop that looks similar to granite but requires less maintenance. Available in a wider selection of colors and patterns, since it is man-made. Some people shy away because it is not quite as natural looking as real stone.

Solid Surface (often referred to by one brand name, Corian) —Provides a smooth consistent coloring, as it is man-made and often formed with a built in sink. Some home buyers like the lower maintenance, as it eliminates any issues with food getting caught between the sink and counter. Is not as natural-looking as quartz, however.

Stainless steel—This sleek restaurant-style look is ideal for true chefs but can be a little too institutional-looking for some traditional home buyers. One solution is to use it in one area of the kitchen. It’s easy to clean, but will scratch over time, depending on the gauge of steel.

Marble—A beautiful, natural material that some buyers want to use in the kitchen. It is not recommended for countertops, however, because it is porous. Consider using it in for a kitchen desk or save it for other parts of the home.