The Buyers and Design Trending in 2018,
from the Nat’l Assn. of Realtors July report

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, this report from the Nat’l Assn of Realtors has the scoop on what you need to know: who’s buying, what they’re buying, where and why.

  • Who’s Buying: Gen Xers (53%) & Millennials (34%) are leading the way when it comes to who’s plannng to buy a single-family home in 2018.
  • How Big: Current home size trends are falling. 61% say they’re looking for a 2,150 square ft. home and a growing # seek “tiny homes” (+/-) 1,100 square ft. (This jives with location preferences.) Minimalist lifestyles and a focus on travel were the main reasons why.
  • Location, Location, Location: 50% say they will buy in an urban area & 42% vote for the suburbs
  • Most Popular Floor-Plan: 76% want Open Floor Plans
  • Features: 50% want more Home Tech including specifically Energy Star Rated appliances and home automation
  • Outdoor spaces most requested: Almost a tie -backyard gardens (34%) & porches (32%) Millennials think people need to be outside!
  • The Future is Here: As voice-controlled automation continues to grow (think Amazon Echo & Google Home)–a whopping 82% of influencers feel that AI is a must for homes of the future.
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